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“We Service What We Sell” is the motto here. Ballard Street Auto is known for it's excellent customer service and great quality cars. Dennis thoroughly inspects and services every vehicle in inventory and stands behind his work after the sale. Because of this level of trust and dependability, many of Ballard Streets customers are repeat customers or friends and family of previous customers.

Customer satisfaction is a big deal here at Ballard Street Auto. Dennis attends car sales 2-3 times a week, sometimes searching for a specific car for a customer. After he finds the right car, Dennis's Auto Body goes through the car inside and out to ensure quality and safety.

Dennis is also known for his generosity within the local communities. Some of you may remember Dennis from a recent article in the Lynn Item “Saugus Man Gets a Lift”. Dennis showed compassion and generosity when he donated a handicapped van to a man in need. “I like to help out whenever I can” says Dennis.

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